Vote YES Nov 7

Rio provides a quality education at an affordable price for a stronger community!

Pamela Patterson

I am proud of Rio Grande because I graduated with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree from Rio. Rio holds my ❤️.


Rick Edwards

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


This College has provided so many people with post-secondary educational opportunities that they would otherwise have not gotten. I am grateful to have been one of them. This isn’t just about us, it’s about future generations of young people having access to a higher education.

Danielle Althouse

I am proud of Rio Grande because it is the college I attend, and have been for the past 3 semesters. Going back to school for the first time in almost 20 years I was scared. Rio Grande has made me comfortable and help me strive!!! I love Rio Grande!


Gary Roach

I am proud of Rio Grande because not only is this a great educational institution, it is also vital to our local economy.


Go Rio!!

Benjy Davies

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


Every day I see Rio making a difference in people’s lives-students from the 4-county service area are able to expand their horizons, learn, study and grow. I’m proud to be part of this institution and part of the Rio community.

Brian Moore

Proud “Redman” B.S., Accounting ’94! URG provides valuable opportunities to Appalachia Ohio and beyond. Simply put, Rio makes a difference!


Julie Haines

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


So many local residents, including myself and many family members, have received a quality education at Rio. The campus brings in many from outside the area. Both factors enrich our lives. I challenge anyone in a local school or hospital to ask where the teachers and nurses were educated. Rio provides us with many of both.

Emily Thomas

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


Rio has been my life, my alma mater, and my employer.

Rhonda Cox

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


My husband and I both received degrees from the University of Rio Grande. It has the best of both worlds, a community college and university. The small size allows students to get to know their professors and learn valuable information that will help them in their career.

Please support the levy. We need Rio to stay strong and continue to offer quality education. Southeastern Ohio has some of the highest poverty in the state. People in this area need a local university to help obtain the education to succeed!

Robin Fowler

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


I have had incredible opportunities in my life both personally and professionally because of the foundation I was given by the faculty, staff, and students of Rio Grande College and the University of Rio Grande.

Tim Spencer

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


I am proud of Rio of the education and learning opportunities they offer.

Timothy Kyger

I am proud of Rio Grande because…

Rio is critical for our community as a pathway to many future jobs and professions. Rio is affordable and also a major employer in our area. Vote yes for our future!


Michelle Johnston, PhD
Kay Ervin
Robert Foster
Darrell Boggs
Rusty Bookman
Petrea Brown
Alice Dachowski. MD
Clyde Evans, PhD
Thomas Karr
Timothy Kyger, DDS
Richard LeGrand
Erik Massie
Jim Morrison
Gary Roach
Brent Saunders
Daniel Whiteley, MD
Paul Reed
Bobbi Montgomery
Shawn Saunders
Mick Davenport
Larry Kidd
Andy Adelmann
Mary Lynne Jones
Jody Walker
Deborah Webber
Jeanne Jindra
Susan Willey
Heather Duda, PhD
Bob Mossbarger
Sally Byler
Katrena McCoy
Eric Faye
Rebecca Thomas Long
Deborah Rhodes
Cleeland R. Willis
Gary Keller
Debbie Walker
Joan Hudak
Bob Powell
Jacqueline Graham
Ellen Schopis
Cathy Elliott
Deb North

Diane Downard
Dianna Sturgill
Jennifer Driscoll Hughes
Leonard Longo
Margaret Casey
Terry Bar
Renee Roseberry
Kelli Stacy
Susan Estrada
Rev. Jeremy Hollingshead
Gregory Ervin
Pandora Roseberry
Emily Russ
Hayley Richardson
Todd Richardson
Paula Forshey
Krystal Nibert
Ashley Foster
Diana Lewis
Michelle Bragg
Amelia Bragg
Philip Howe
Breanna West
Denver Wolford
George Sellars
Hester Cosby
Jack Finch
Marcia Eggers
Tyler Eggers
Maria Cunningham
Sela Fannin
Taylor Barney
The Carmichael Agency
Bonnie McFarland
Shana Booher
John Pelletier
Debbie Walker
Cheryl Sheard
Vickie Powell
Glenn Graham
Karen Cornell
Henry Dillon


Vickie Powell
Linda Donohue
Dian Fleming
Emily Daily
Karen Waugh
Patricia A. Young
Deborah Kerwood
Jane Ann Slagle
Mary Withee
Doris A. Lanham
Nancy Hood
Barbara Burnett
Lisa Schwall
Sandra Perry
April Casey
Bambi Roush
Anita Fisher
Donna Dewitt
Catherine Greenleaf
Amilda Noll-Thompson
Jake Bapst
Joann Bapst
Lynn Arnott
Lee Richards
Tina Richards
Riverside Auto & Towing, LLC
Daniel Short
Sandy Borden
Thomas Parry
Marilyn Boggs
Nicole Baker
Faith McCoy
John Carmichael
M’Lou Morrison
Dana Wiseman
Karen Wright
Marsha Haynes
Julia Dragoo
Ruth Snyder
Doris Lanham
Richards Unroe
Sharon Vonnoy



Tamara Grueser, RPh
Kelley Grueser, DVM
John Hoback
Tom Reed
Lori Miller
Richard Sax, PhD
Vicki L. Dempsey
Paul Zace
Debbie Zace
Jerry Minear
Jane L. Karl
Phil Karl
Jeff Lanham
Tim Pruett
James Bessette
Mike Reardon
Steve Chapman
University of Rio Grande Past Chairs Committee
Karen Boch
Phillip Howard
Jude Meyers
Denise Shockley
Rick Brooks
Craig Wright
Lois C. Carter
Janet F. Baker
Patricia A. Schuldt
Debbie H. Forgey
Debbie Rhodes
Annette Ward
Michael L Snider
Loralee Carmichael
Matthew Willis
Catherine Gloss
Lynn Arnott
Patricia Young
Marlene Hoffman
Mary Withee
Janet Wetherholt
Anita Belville
Patricia Dillon

Vote YES Nov 7

Be part of a stronger Rio Community and vote!

Allen Hudson

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


Rio Grande is a staple business in the community, providing education and multicultural experiences for many of those who would otherwise not receive any.  It has been there for me and my family, and I am proud to be a member of Rio’s alumni and a Rio employee.

Kay Cline

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


I am a Rio Alumni and my sorority was founded in Rio!

Seth Stockmeister

I am proud of Rio Grande because…

As a lifelong resident of Jackson County I feel Rio Grande is a huge asset to the education of our area. 1 in 4 higher education degrees earned by Jackson County residents is from Rio.  That is an amazing statistic. Vote YES, Vote RIO!

Rosalie Harper

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


I am proud to support Rio because Rio has helped me to obtain my teaching license and was a wonderful college for my son to pursue his degree.

Johnathon Finch

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


I have a bachelors and masters degree from the Bunce School of Education, and I had wonderful instructors every step of the way! I’m now in Year #8 of my career, and love it!

Hannah Hysell

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


It is a small, tight community where everyone helps one another.  It was a great place to earn my teaching degree.


I am proud of Rio Grande because…


It gave me an opportunity for a good education at an affordable price.

Tim Snow

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


The work we do in Davis Library prepares students for life-long learning and insures success in finding trusted solutions after graduation.

Heather Casteel

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


I am student. I love the professors, the small campus and the family feeling.

Sue McGuire

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


I am a proud Rio alumni and this school gave me the skills and talents to teach business at the high school level for 30 years – I support Rio!!

Jody Dickinson

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


It’s a very nice college and has done wonderful stuff for students

Susan Willey

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


I am an alumni of Rio Grande University. If it had not been for this Community College I may never have had the opportunity to obtain a degree. I obtained a BS in Biology from Rio in 1979. I have been blessed and truly grateful to be alumni of this wonderful school with such great teachers and professors. It changed my life.

April Casey

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


I am a proud Rio alum because I believe I received a high quality education close to home. In my career life, I have been able to compete right along with other job candidates with degrees from larger universities.
I was not a traditional student being married with an infant. My professors personally supported me all the way. They were able to do this because they knew me as a person and a student.

Jeanne Jindra

I am proud of Rio Grande because…


Rio provides affordable, quality education in Southeastern Ohio on a safe campus. WE serve our local communities in many ways and are proud of our partnerships.

Caleb Bevan

I am proud of Rio Grande because…

As an alumnus and now an employee of Rio Grande I Know this School Makes a difference in lives of our community.  I know a college education has made my life better.


1 of every 3 higher education degrees earned by Gallia residents is from Rio.

1 in 10 adults in Gallia county is an alum or key supporter of Rio



1 of every 7 higher education degrees earned by Meigs residents is from Rio.

1 in 28 adults in Meigs County is an alum or key supporter of Rio.

Since we opened the Meigs Center, there are 260 more county residents over 25 with associate degrees, and 263 more with bachelor’s degrees.


1 of every 4 higher education degrees earned by Jackson residents is from Rio.

1 in 16 adults in Jackson County is an alum or key supporter of Rio


1 of every 7 higher education degrees earned by Vinton residents is from Rio.

1 in 36 adults in Vinton County is an alum or key supporter of Rio


Rio is affordable.  This is critical, as it gives local students access to a high-quality education.


Rio is a critical part of our local economy because Rio Keeps Local Talent Local.


These students may not have the opportunity to learn these skills without a local resource, nor would they be able to stay local.


Rio gives those students the opportunity for a quality education at an affordable price in a local setting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a replacement levy?

It is a tax based on current property evaluations.

What does this mean?

A homeowner owning property worth $100,000 will pay an additional $2.39/month.

If it passes will tuition go down?

No, but understanding that in the four counties tuitions are also 15% lower than students coming from other areas of the state.

Won’t the raise in tuition generate enough money? Why do we need a levy?

Our budget is multi-faceted.  We rely on the pieces to all work together, without over-reliance on any one funding source.  We use state funds, tuition dollars, federal financial aid sources, gifts and grants, and local support through the levy to support our service and presence in ALL four counties.

What happens if the replacement levy fails?

Rio is critical for our local economy.  If this fails, Rio’s ability to help the local economy is in jeopardy.

Isn’t it a private institute? Why do we need to support with taxes?

We are a blended institution.  We believe we are one of the very best examples of a public-private partnership that makes a difference.

Is the levy for the Community College or the University or both?

The levy was established in 1974 to support Rio Grande Community College.  Over the past 43 years, we have used local support to directly impact the quality of our academic programs and to support our commitment to an affordable educational option for citizens in the region.  The replacement levy will continue to support Rio Grande Community College.

What will the tax dollars be used for?

Providing exceptional educational programs that serve regional and community needs – focusing on preparing today and tomorrow’s workforce.  Local dollars supporting local people.

Vote   Nov 7

Rio will have a replacement levy on the November 7 ballot

Paid for by the Friends of Rio, Tim Purett, Treasurer, PO Box 122 Rio Grande, Ohio 45674
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